Beauty is an asset not a liability


“Beauty is an asset not a liability”




The confidence of a women defines her as a whole when she is ready to discover herself
— WOMEN BOARD OF INFLUENCES - Rita Khawlane, 22, Jr. Chief Editor


Your legend will only begin the day you are out of your quest of identity
— dr. Bak Nguyen

Dr. bak Nguyen :

Chairman and co-founder of the BOARD OF INFLUENCES

Senior Managing Partner & CEO of Mdex & co 

As Chairman and co-funder of the Board of Influences, I am a man of Influence. But before that, I was a man struggling to be accepted as a whole, with my creativity and my intelligence. The day, I finally gave up on dimming myself down just to please those around me, that day my legend grew at light speed. So I created the Board of Influences to lead others to free themselves and touche their full potential. We are discovering our "super powers" together!

It is then that I met Rita Khawlane, a stunning, energetic and smart young woman of 22. After a brief conversation, I even forgot that she was actually beautiful, I was seduced by her energy and her dedication to work for her own advancement. It is then that I understand the struggle of young beautiful women, they share the exact problem that I bear all my life: their youth, beauty and energy should be assets and still, they are daily burden to try to fit in! 

This is how we decided to create WOMEN - Board of Influences to give a voice to the young beautiful women joining the business and entrepreneurial world. The mission of WOMEN is to empower everyone to #bewhole, taking advantage of their spirit, their mind and their body. Rita Khawlane, 22, will be leading the magazine as Jr. CHIEF EDITOR since she had a deep understanding of the issue and have the drive needed to lead the needed evolution.

In Women, we want to empower actual or future women entrepreneurs and influencers  in the fulfillment and realization of their dreams. Board of influence women will be the first platform made for leaders, dreamers and women who want to change the world. 

This is not about impressing, it's about understanding and touching.


Dr. Bak Nguyen

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